Lincoln Elementary | Helping Hands (Video)


Heathman Lodge Helping Hands Give Lincoln Elementary Play Structure a ‘Face Lift’

Blog & Video by Bryan White

As the sun rose upon a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest, the outdoor play structures at Lincoln Elementary sat stained from the wear and tear of the school year. Scuff marks, places where the previous paint had worn away and tetanus-inducing rust distracted from the enjoyment and safety of kids playing on the structure.

With safety being a top priority, the school and Vancouver Public Schools could not allow children to play around the corroded structures. Repairs would have to be made.

Unfortunately, to repair and restore the playground equipment back to a useable form would take strong hours and severe dedication from the school’s maintenance team. Time the staff did not have.

When word reached us here at The Heathman Lodge, our first instinct was to place our Helping Hands* team on the job to help out. What a great way to help out in our community than to provide children with a restored playground.

On July 29th, 2016 we grabbed supplies and headed out to Lincoln Elementary. Through hard work and earned sweat from the team we were able to finish in two hours.

The Helping Hands team came together, put in the effort and gave the kids of Lincoln Elementary a clean, safe and beautiful look for their playground. A day well-spent.

*Helping Hands at The Lodge

As an icon of the Vancouver, Washington community, the family of The Heathman Lodge and our Helping hands team is always looking for ways to give back. Our management team originally developed the Helping Hands initiative after a former agent of our front desk passed away due to a rare form of cancer. Since his passing we have given hundreds of hours to various causes and events in and around Vancouver, Washington.