Say Hello to the New Brewcouver App

Vancouver: The New Beer Paradise?

Vancouver is becoming more and more well-known for craft beer every day. It’s taken our brewers countless hours of toil to reach this point. Now, they’re finally receiving the recognition they deserve.

Creative brewers have been opening brewhouses and gastropubs all around town. Some established microbrew establishments have moved across the Columbia. For many years it was all about Portland, Portland, Portland. Now, you’ll find some of that energy centered a few miles north, in this once sleepy little suburb.

The folks over at Brewcouver have made it easy for you to experience Vancouver’s beer scene for a few years. As new brewhouses open up, they make sure to add those new destinations to the passport. As they add variety, their passport gets better and better.

Is imbibing tasty beer not enough of a prize for you? Brewcouver sweetens the deal. Once you’ve traveled to all the different breweries in town, you receive a reward. But it doesn’t stop there! Show your passport to different community partners who support Brewcouver for other opportunities.

Have you used the Brewcouver Passport before? Until recently, you had to carry a paper passport and get it stamped everywhere you went. Problem is, in the 21st century, most of us like to carry as little with us as we can. Good news! Brewcouver has changed their system. Sure, you can still pack the paper passport with you if you like, but now you have another option.

An All-New Brewcouver Passport

Have you seen the new Brewcouver app? The app allows you to ditch the paper and instead use your smartphone to mark your passport. As long as you’re not rocking a Windows Phone or flipping your phone open, you’re going to love the app. Once you download it, you’re on your way. When you arrive at each brewery, check in for a stamp or scan a QR code on a Brewcouver poster with your app.

As of the time of this writing, there are twelve breweries on the app. More brewers are working hard to bring their craft the market. Still others are pondering the idea of moving here. Keep an eye on this app! It’s going to provide tasty fun for years to come.

Beer and Wine – Not Just a Product, But a Community

The PNW beer, wine, and spirits scene is well worth exploring. Sure, you’ll encounter all sorts of tasty flavors, but there’s something even more special. There are communities. The brewers, winemakers, and distillers support one another. As you leave one, their owners and staff are all too happy to suggest your next stop. Even in heated competition, they also celebrate each others’ victories. Different companies often collaborate to create new and exciting recipes. We’ve observed this in both the beer and the wine culture around this area.

So head over to Brewcouver, grab the app, and get planning your next beer tasting outing.

Still need more info? Check out the recent Columbian article.