Picking Your Wedding Music

by Bryan White

Your Wedding Memories Last Forever

Wedding Season is right around the corner! Even though my wife and I got married a little over thirteen years ago, and even though I’m the husband, I still remember that day and planning for it like it was just a couple years ago. We took the time ahead of time to make sure everything was in order. My wife and I worked together with our family to make the day a success. The one thing we glossed over that I wish we had planned a little differently was the wedding music.

Did anything go wrong? Oh, yes. There are two things I did – one in the ceremony and one at the reception – that made me shudder every time I thought about them for the first decade – and one of those still today when I see photos. That’s a part of the memory. While I shudder, my wife laughs. But that’s the key – understand that something almost has to go wrong. While it might seem like a disaster at the time, in the coming years it will be a fond memory. I’ll just say neither of us had any skills in dancing.

Wedding Music: The Soundtrack of Your Special Day

As human beings, we have a special connection with music. We associate music with memories, and we can remember a song that was playing at relevant times, long after we might forget many of the other details of those moments. The music we hear, even if we don’t consciously notice it in the background of everything else, can have an enormous effect on how we perceive everything that happens. The music can build up or cut away from the moment, and your selections will tell those attending something about you. I can’t stress how important this decision will be. Everything I have just said is amplified in your wedding music.

I started planning this post out with the most popular wedding music – a top-five or top-ten list or something like that. Then, when I thought about what would have really helped my wife and me to plan this aspect of our wedding. If I could go back in time, it’s the one thing I would change, because music is so important to both of us, and there’s a good chance that you’ll find it is to you as well.

Making The Right Choices

When I found this article at A Practical Wedding, it was like reading the guide I wish I had had back in 2004. There’s one difference between the writer at APW and my wife and me – when it comes to music taste, it’s almost like we’re in each other’s heads. If she likes a song, there’s an excellent chance that I am going to like it as well.

I think this works because been together since halfway through high school, we’d come from the same circle of friends and even today have many of the same tastes in art. Unless you have seven years of history before your wedding, do not expect this. Don’t expect it even if you do have a lot of time together.

In The End…

There’s a reason it’s called your special day. You’ve built up a relationship with your fiancé or fiancée. You’ve been through a lot together by this moment, and you’re celebrating the fact that you’ll be spending the rest of your lives together. Once you get to the day of your wedding, things will go as they will go.

As much as you might want to control every detail, allow me to make a suggestion: Find a wedding planner or friend you trust to make sure everything works as it should.

Once it’s time to start putting on your dress or tuxedo, hand everything over to that trusted individual, so you can spend the day actually enjoying the moment. It’s a whirlwind, and it will go by so quickly.

One day, you’ll look back on that transition, that day, and it will be exactly what you make of it. Will your memories be those of being stressed out, or will it be a beautiful moment in your lives, a time when you celebrated each other and your future?

After you’ve selected your rehearsal dinner options, where to book family coming to your wedding, the decorations and colors, your wedding dress and your bridesmaid’s dresses, the reception details, your wedding music and everything else, I know which one my wife and I would recommend.

Let Us Help You!

At the Heathman Lodge, we specialize in assisting you to make sure your wedding goes perfectly. We can take away all your stress, and let you enjoy it to the fullest. Give us a call today, and find out why so many people choose us as the perfect place to have their wedding. Our sales and catering team will help you with every detail and take care of everything so you can concentrate on the moment and create a wonderful memory.