Love Day at The Lodge


With January and the holidays behind us and an intense excitement for the year ahead, we are thrilled to welcome yet another Valentine’s Day at Hudson’s Bar and Grill and the Heathman Lodge. Although no grand food celebration like that of our Thanksgiving buffet, Hudson’s still aims to provide an exceptional dining experience via handcrafted food and drink on this special day.

Historically, Valentine’s Day originates from ancient Roman culture and St. Valentine. While the Saint’s affiliation to the holiday still remains shrouded in mystery, his influence has ultimately produced a popular day of celebration globally, coming second only to Christmas festivities. Interestingly, it wasn’t until the 1300s that Valentine’s Day became associated with romance. In the middle of the 15th century, the first love letters were recorded and beginning in 17th century Great Britain, began the process of exchanging them. Today, over 1 billion cards, 220 million roses and 35 million boxes of chocolates are purchased and distributed in the continental U.S.

Booked solid for several weeks now, the Lodge’s signature suites and standard rooms have been a hot commodity and favorable destination for guests in years past and this year alike. Though not quite as extravagant as other holidays, Hudson’s Bar and Grill will be featuring a premium meat and side dish on their “butcher’s block”, selected by resident Chef Ray Delgado, whose passion lies in creating culinary masterpieces. There will be no happy hour on Sunday the 14th, and while dinner reservations will be hard to come by, the restaurant is accepting walk-ins to be seated in the fireside lounge, should you find yourself in the area. Whether celebrating a special occasion alongside your loved ones or simply looking for a mini adventure, we would enjoy nothing more than your company, appetite and willingness to rejoice in the spirit of love we pride ourselves in sustaining everyday. Happy Valentine’s Day from our entire staff!