What Is Your Sphere of Influence?

by Leah Sarkkinen

Sales and Catering: Bringing People Together

If you have been to the Heathman Lodge, you have likely witnessed a hub of action.

“Hi, how’s it going?” you may have heard when walking by the front desk. Glancing into Hudson’s, a full-house of restaurant guests is the norm. Servers and banquet staff keep a fast pace attending to restaurant and banquet guests.

When I came to the Lodge from my software background, this action was new and exciting to me when starting my position at the front desk.

If you asked me to summarize my first impression of the Lodge, it would be “the Lodge brings people together.”

A year and a half later, having spent the most recent 12 months as a Catering Sales Manager, my impression remains the same. Now I can say, “I help bring people together.”


Our sales team at the Heathman Lodge is the driving force behind bringing people together for conferences, meetings, and social events.

I like to think of us as the engine in a sports car. We are all fast-paced, fun, and full-of-life individuals who together, keep events at the Lodge moving forward.


Cyndi Holloway – Director of Sales & Marketing
Cyndi is our fearless leader. Her ability to lead, mentor and encourage us helps take us to greater heights.

Cyndi takes care of guest rooms and conventions for Government and Association groups.

Erin Stepanek – Assistant Director of Sales
Erin is often the face in the community. She is the friend that takes the time to care. Her client relationships are so much more than just business.

Erin is the Corporate Sales contact for guest rooms and conventions.

Katy Shumaker – Director of Convention Services.
Katy doesn’t miss a beat. She makes sure all the departments dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s for large groups and banquets.

Katy manages the logistics of all conventions and conferences at the Lodge.

Keri Erickson – Senior Catering Sales Manager
Keri is our go-getter. Fast-paced and always ready for a challenge, she is the ultimate balance between business and creativity.

Keri assists local groups and social events in catered banquet events and meetings. I share in this role with her.

Haylie Owens – Sales Manager
Haylie is a forward thinker and engaged in the community. She keeps her eye on goals and goes above and beyond to get there.

Haylie manages group guest room and convention sales for social, entertainment, education, religious and fraternal groups.

Pam Conlon and Jazlyn Daley are instrumental within sales as well – Pam as the Executive Assistant and Jazlyn as our Sales & Catering Intern.


When a group books an event at the Lodge, that begins a timeline that can be simple or complex. Once we’ve planned the details and finalized the contract, we pass the banquet event order on to the following departments: Banquets, our Executive Chef, the Kitchen, the Front Desk, Audio/Visual, and Accounting.

Together, our departments collaborate to prepare the meeting room or ballroom, catering, A/V, guest rooms, and billing to ensure a successful event.

So, when you walk into the Lodge next time and see this hub of action, you will understand how each employee is doing what they do to bring people together.