Herman the Sloth: A Lodge Tradition

Video by Bryan White

“Hi my name is Herman! If you turn me into the front desk you can earn a reward. If I were to try to get there myself it would take me more than a week. I am literally the slowest moving creature on the planet and normally sleep up to 20 hours a day!” -Herman

From all of us here at The Heathman Lodge, we invite you to take part in helping Herman return to the front desk. We have special prizes for younger visitors and fun amenities for adults who happen to find our slow-moving friend.

Be sure to look everywhere for Herman! He could be hiding anywhere. Some of his favorite spots to relax include:

  • Out by the pool
  • Underneath the lobby stairs
  • On top of vending machines
  • By the coffee machine in the lobby
  • In the elevators
  • By the grand fireplace
  • In the mezzanine