Groceries for Families in Need

Happy Holidays from the Heathman Lodge!

Family, Friends, and Food…

There’s nothing like this time of year. Time with family and friends, celebrating the holidays and another year. It’s a time where not just households, but in many cases, entire families from across the country and around the world gather together to enjoy a few moments and often a feast.

… For Most of Us

But for too many kids in the Vancouver Public Schools, it can be just the opposite. Some of these children have an important reason that they can’t wait to get back to school after the new year. Some of these kids rely on their school for breakfast, lunch and a snack. With rent prices going up as they have, their parents must make tough choices, like the choice between a roof over their kids’ heads or food in their bellies.

Making a Difference

This year, the Heathman Helping Hands hosted our first golf tournament. From that, we wanted to give something meaningful to the community. It was an easy decision to give the Vancouver Public Schools food pantry.

When we showed up with the first load of groceries, it was a surprise, to say the least. When Erin showed up in a second car, well… you just have to watch the video.

As a local business, there is nothing quite like being able to watch the results as you give to the community and see the difference you can make.


by Bryan White