Fort Vancouver Delivers Benefit to Local Economy

By Bryan White

(Data taken from the Vancouver Business Journal)

One of Vancouver, Washington’s hidden gems is reaching a new high in visitor spending, and it’s helping everybody else in the local economy.

Fort Vancouver National Site, located near Downtown Vancouver, reported more than 800,000 visitors spent roughly $46.9 million at local restaurants, hotels, retail and recreation businesses. The uptick in spending led to a cumulative effect 36% higher than in 2012 (VBJ 2016).

Here at The Heathman Lodge we take pride in our community. We are proud to hear our beloved Fort Vancouver National Site is making a difference for our great city.

If you are a guest to the area or a local resident, we highly recommend taking a trip to the Fort Vancouver site. Take a stroll through history and learn the significance behind what was once the headquarters for the Hudson’s Bay Company.

Also, don’t forget to visit the Old Apple Tree. Planted in 1826, this Fort Vancouver landmark is the oldest apple tree in the Pacific Northwest. It is also considered the matriarch of Washington State’s signature apple industry.

Fort Vancouver Fort Vancouver

Please read this article from our local Vancouver Business Journal to learn more about Fort Vancouver and its impact on the local economy.