The Kids Are Back To School. Parents: It’s Time For A Date.

You’ve spent the summer creating memories with your kids. You’ve finished the back to school shopping. The kids recently boarded the bus for their first day of school. It’s time to take a moment and think about you and your significant other in the few days you have before fall sports and after-school activities start up once again.

Today we’re going to take a look at the top five date activities best enjoyed with just Mom and Dad in the Vancouver area. So call your trusty babysitter, because now it’s time to take a bit of, “just us,” time.

NW Escape Experience

For years, computer games in which you must solve puzzles to move on to the next area have been all the rage. You can trace these games back to the 8-bit realm with The Adventures of Zelda for the original Nintendo, Myst for the PC, or a host of other games on other platforms.

But now, folks like NW Escape Experience are putting you physically into the position to solve a mystery of your own. Tackle the mystery of the Vantuckey Ripper and his Kill Room, unless that of Operation: D.B. Cooper is more up your alley.

Kiggins Theatre

If you’d like a unique entertainment experience, look no further than Kiggins Theatre in downtown Vancouver. Kiggins Theatre runs interesting and independent films, as well as many other events. For instance, the second Wednesday of every month is Science on Tap night, where you’ll grab a brew, laugh, and learn. If you want to leave the learning to your kids, try their Comedy on Tap nights instead.

Recently they held a birthday bash for Harry Potter’s 37th birthday (we checked: yes, he really was born in 1980) complete with a dance party thrown by Dobby. They recently followed a showing of “Dave Made A Maze” with a Q&A featuring the movie’s lead mechanical designer, Christopher Covel

English Estate Winery

Whatever your wine-based pleasure, you’ll find it in the Loafing Shed at Vancouver’s oldest winery. Here, they hold tastings throughout the week (Thursday through Monday), dinner with live music every Friday night, and other special events. In addition to their wines, they also make nectars from various fruits available as seasonally possible.

Fort Vancouver

Don’t get me wrong – there’s plenty to do at Fort Vancouver with the whole family, so bring the kids back later. Nod at your screen that you will… Good. But for now, we’re talking about just the two of you.

These beautiful grounds are worth a nice, slow walk, just the two of you. Start out at the interpretive center, and head down the hill until you reach the land bridge. From there, you can cross Highway 14 and walk along the Columbia River and see Vancouver’s old apple tree, planted in 1826.

After you cross back over the land bridge, enjoy the impeccably-kept grounds. You might even take along a picnic lunch to enjoy. Take a walk around the Fort, slowing down to enjoy the history and the experience of being here, not rushed by your excited kids. But seriously, bring them back later.

Horseback Riding Lessons

What could be romantic than some time spent together learning to ride horses? Cantera Equestrian provides riding lessons with experienced instructors at all learning levels. Whether you want to get comfortable on horseback or you’re ready to increase the height you can jump, Cantera can help. And let’s face it: this is one of the most romantic life skills you can acquire. Imagine using these skills to take a couple of horses along the beach when you stay at our sister hotel in Astoria?

The Shameless Plug

We’re totally going there, and you’re probably going to want to get your kids’ grandparents involved for this one. Have you heard about our romance package? You’ll stay in one of our Jacuzzi suites with extra finishing touches like champagne or sparkling cider, rose petals throughout the room, and everything you need to make the evening perfect. Pair this with dinner at Hudson’s and a concert at Sunlight Supply Amphitheater, and you’ll have the perfect night.

So there you have it! This just scratches the surface of different options you can choose to have. a great date day or date night in Vancouver.

Which of our suggestions have you done and loved? What do you think we should have added to the list? Let us know in the comments below!